Categories work a specific way on Nontendo. The following will help you become acquainted with just how they are set up.

What categories are

Categories are, of course, a way to categorize content. But what properties do they have here? Our categories are…

  • brief. Note how most if not all categories are only one word long. They don't diddle around with unnecessary language. Note how we don't have Category:Mario series, we have Category:Mario. Of course, there will be exceptions with some series titles, but for the most part, one-word-long names.
  • adjectival and noun…y. Exactly what it sounds like. Categories are named after single adjectives and nouns, and sometimes nouns-turned-adjectives, as is the case with Category:Mario.
  • singular in purpose. Categories should stick to one thing and one thing only. This will really help decrease redundancy and categorization in the future[citation needed]. We have Category:Characters and Category:Mario, but not Category:Mario characters.
  • capitalized minimally. In general, the only capitals in a category name should be for titles. The auto-first-letter-capitalization done by the MediaWiki software gets a free pass here too. Were we to have a category for self-demonstrating articles, it would have to be Category:Self-demonstrating, not Category:Self-Demonstrating.
  • necessary. If a category doesn't and won't relate to at least a few pages, it will be removed until it can and does.

If you want to make a new category, make sure it meets those criteria before and while you create it.

How categories are ordered

The category things tend to go in a set pattern in articles. Before you begin adding any, think about the actual subject of the article, like, outside of its coverage in Nontendo, unless it has none. This is so that people can more easily find your article based on the subject matter. Would someone look for a page on Voltaire by going through Category:Anime? Of course not! They'd be going through Category:Real and Category:People, if anything. So start from the real thing, not our parody.

  1. First, what main source is it from?
  2. Next, what main role does it serve—character? Game? Species? Person? Thing?
  3. Third, what specifically is it from? That is, if subjects of other articles are from there too. For instance, Mario is from the Mario series.
  4. Finally, elaborate on the role if doing so is possible and useful. So Mario is a character, more specifically a protagonist. And Goombas are of course enemies.

Got all that in that order? Good. Now start again, using the content of the article as a reference. Begin adding categories for the article's version of the subject after the existing categories, where different. Now's your chance to categorize Voltaire as an anime character! After all of that is said and done, you can finally submit your edits.

That's really all there is to it. If you see categories that don't fit this ordering, don't hesitate to fix and standardize them!

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