To nominate an article for one or more badges, go to Project:Article badge nominations.

Articles can receive three different badges for containing good amounts of work and effort.


Articles that are finished get the finished badge. Anyone can add this to an article with no non-badge notice templates if not much more work can be done on the article. If an article is given a notice template such as Template:Stub or Template:Construction, or if it is decided that the article is not finished to a reasonable degree, the badge will be removed.


Articles that are approved get the approved badge. Any admin can add this to a well-made and funny nominated article that they agree should be approved, even if the article is still being worked on. Admins cannot approve articles they created, however. If the admins decide that an article is not, or no longer, worthy of approval, the badge will be removed.


Articles that are featured get the featured badge. Any admin can add this to an expertly-made, fleshed-out, and hilarious article if the admins vote the nomination into effect. Featured articles are displayed and linked to on the homepage. Admins cannot vote on articles they created. This badge cannot be removed once an article is featured.

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