Master Sword (Ocarina of Time)
The Master Sword is a legendary sword in the Zelda series, used by Link to defeat Ganon.


The legend says that it was forged by the Heavy Metal fan Zauz. People soon enough realized how shoddy the craftsmanship was, though, and tossed it into the the middle of the woods, never to be found again.

That is just a legend, though. In reality it was forged by the King of Hyrule, who wouldn't stop bragging about it. His daughter, Zelda, was edgy enough to hide it in a church. There it was never found again, since no one goes to church. The king was so devastated by this that he started buying endless amounts of carpets from Ganondorf to fill the void, eventually using his entire kingdom as currency.


It has a blue handle and a dull, useless blade, often used by Link to peel apples.


  • At one point Link substituted it with a blatant Chinese plastic knockoff, the Phantom Sword.
  • If things get really dire for the player, it can always be used as a back scratcher. 
  • No, it does not look like a penis. What is wrong with you?