Mario Kart: Dorito Dash is a video game for the Nintendo GameCube 2. The game was released on 21st April 2006, and marked the debut of Fire Paratroopa.


Yellow Goomba has stolen six of the Mushroom Kingdom's Power Stars to power a machine that will replace all the weird hats the citizens of mushroom kingdom wear with top hats. He says that he will only give them back if everybody... races… around… several… racing tracks… and beats him. Everybody decides to work together to get the Power Stars back!


Mario Kart: Dorito Dash is slightly different than the other Mario Kart games. For starters, there are ten racers instead of eight, and there is a new feature, the Doritos.

Doritos are found on the track, and fill up a gauge if they are collected. Gathering certain numbers of Doritos allows modes to be entered:

  • Lightly Salted mode - collect 10 Doritos. The player's maximum speed will increase slightly.
  • Tangy Cheese mode - collect 30 Doritos. A trail of melted cheese will be spread behind the player's kart for five seconds, slowing down any racers who drive into it.
  • Spicy Doritos Mode - collect 50 Doritos. The player will become completely invincible to all hazards, and glide and swoop up in midair, for ten seconds.


Each character has a unique kart and special item.


Name Kart Special Item
Mario launches a giant fireball in a straight line.
Super Sucker
Luigi grabs a hoover and pulls other racers towards him.
Mickey Mouse
Disney Logo
Disney Logos
Mickey throws tons of Disney logos everywhere, which bounce about and make tons of lag.